Sunday, October 25, 2015

one thing I'm going to look for in residency

I reluctantly call myself a runner: I rarely run races, I don't time myself, and I rarely know how far I'm running. Each run is spontaneous, unplanned. But when I find myself turning to my running shoes- to decompress, to breathe- I remember how lucky I am to be a runner.

Like last weekend after the phone call when we decided it was all over, next morning I found myself lacing up for a run. Instead of sleeping in, my body needed to go running and blast music in my ears as I was sprinting onward.

I didn't know how much I would turn to running in dental school. I ran my first 5k in my gap year with Enstin and decided that this was kind of fun. I ran my first half marathon in first year of dental school and gradually learned to embrace running as part of my life.

Running is time for myself. I like running alone because I can be spontaneous. Feeling strong and there's a cute dog? I'll follow it up to Fairmount. I remember crossing the Franklin Bridge to New Jersey during one training season and feeling so empowered. The idea I can carry myself to a different state was incredible. (Now I can always run away to New Jersey.)

Philadelphia is just incredibly beautiful. I'm so lucky that Penn happens to be located in Philadelphia because I did not know how much I would love this city. I took that photo on our very last date. We went to the zoo by walking our way up the river. There was a rowing competition that day. It was so beautiful out and I remember wishing we had run up instead of walking.

As I begin my interview trail, I'm looking for a place I can call home, where I can run and be me. The happy, strong, and empowered Yesle to power through her residency program. And you guys know my life motto can be summed up like this: good dentists are happy dentists.

A good running trail, the open air, music in my ears. A personal escape, just one pair of running shoes away.

Friday, October 9, 2015

interview season begins.

I'm already getting a little nostalgic about Philadelphia. We survived Pope Weekend 2015!!! People running/biking on the empty streets with military cars along the side felt surreal. Listening to mass amplified over the speakers (through the security fences, a mile away from the Pope) was sorta cool.  I was running around the city thinking: I might not be in this place in seven months. 

Interviews have begun for GPR/AEGD programs! I'm well on my way to preparing for this crazy hectic thing we call interview season. My classmates have already attended their ninth, tenth interviews and have been offered positions for their specialties. 

After I got my first interview invite, I pulled out my interview outfit from 2012 - I wore the basic pantsuit/blazer with silk ribbon top. Everything still fits but I don't have the abs of a 22 y/o babysitter anymore... Dental school will do that to you. I think it's fun to have a completely new outfit for this new phase of my life. I have a new navy blazer I LOVE and it would make me so happy to wear this to my interviews. And happy = confident.

In other life news, I did evening night clinic with my favorite patient... the one who brought me a HUGE chocolate bar at her last appointment. Things got out of control until we were the last ones on the clinic floor, laughing at the absurdity of the situation at 8:30PM with nobody around us and our amazingly patient faculty reading his newspaper. I learned a big lesson: temporary provisionals play a big role in gum health.

I got this shade guide from the instrument window and everything was organized so nicely in order. I had to snap a picture. Little things that are just so satisfying, ya know?

It's incredibly fun to imagine my new life in a new city somewhere. Even if that happens to be Philadelphia, I want to move to a new apartment (more in the city) and get a meow-y roommate. But I may be living in a spare bedroom in Texas or waking up from my tiny NYC shoebox to take the subway every morning. The possibilities! But first, I need to put in the work. 

What big project are you working on right now?
What's your perfect interview outfit?