Sunday, October 25, 2015

one thing I'm going to look for in residency

I reluctantly call myself a runner: I rarely run races, I don't time myself, and I rarely know how far I'm running. Each run is spontaneous, unplanned. But when I find myself turning to my running shoes- to decompress, to breathe- I remember how lucky I am to be a runner.

Like last weekend after the phone call when we decided it was all over, next morning I found myself lacing up for a run. Instead of sleeping in, my body needed to go running and blast music in my ears as I was sprinting onward.

I didn't know how much I would turn to running in dental school. I ran my first 5k in my gap year with Enstin and decided that this was kind of fun. I ran my first half marathon in first year of dental school and gradually learned to embrace running as part of my life.

Running is time for myself. I like running alone because I can be spontaneous. Feeling strong and there's a cute dog? I'll follow it up to Fairmount. I remember crossing the Franklin Bridge to New Jersey during one training season and feeling so empowered. The idea I can carry myself to a different state was incredible. (Now I can always run away to New Jersey.)

Philadelphia is just incredibly beautiful. I'm so lucky that Penn happens to be located in Philadelphia because I did not know how much I would love this city. I took that photo on our very last date. We went to the zoo by walking our way up the river. There was a rowing competition that day. It was so beautiful out and I remember wishing we had run up instead of walking.

As I begin my interview trail, I'm looking for a place I can call home, where I can run and be me. The happy, strong, and empowered Yesle to power through her residency program. And you guys know my life motto can be summed up like this: good dentists are happy dentists.

A good running trail, the open air, music in my ears. A personal escape, just one pair of running shoes away.


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