Sunday, November 29, 2015

Application progress update

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Every day this long weekend I woke up and thought, I don’t have school again? A treat every morning. I also got to catsit this beauty for a classmate.

Interviews are coming along! My classmate and I had a happy conversation about how interviews encourage us to reflect back on our time at Penn Dental. Somehow, somewhere along the way, we filled our days with meaningful moments and now they want us!

Fourth year itself is great. It’s the getting-ready-for-next-year part that’s been hectic. Like Bri warned me, there are pockets of stressful moments, a series of roller coaster up’s and down’s throughout the entire year. Nothing is too stressful yet, but everything requires a little bit of fuss.

And then the little things. I had an incident in clinic couple of weeks ago, which reminded me of two things: 1) not everything happens for a reason, but you can assign that reason and 2) bad s- happens to good people. The second point let the event roll off my back because I was mostly plagued by this question: “How could this happen to me?” (That is me singing this Maroon 5 song) Because I didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

And then I thought about resilience and grit. How can you become stronger in face of adversaries? By introducing mini challenges then facing progressively bigger ones (just like weight training). Better to have things happen early in my dental career and learn from them.

Bay window or balcony?
Deck or backyard?
(All my free time's now spent looking at apartments in my candidate cities....)

Monday, November 2, 2015

self-discovery in residency interviews

Central Pennsylvania is SO beautiful this time of the year. Winding roads, single lane highways, mountains in the background and all. that. deer. This weekend I got to drive around Pennsylvania and see the beautiful fall scenery. Oh, and attend an interview. The entire hospital team showed up on a Saturday in full Halloween gear for us applicants, it was an unbelievable atmosphere altogether. I could work in a place like this.

I woke up the morning of my interview to this. I had to dig out my hotel key and scrape through the ice before driving to the hospital. There is a first time for everything but I am glad this little pup was with me for this moment.
I'm realizing how exploratory and self-reflective interviews are. I got asked some interesting questions that made me reconsider facts about myself. For example, I was asked about my “city girl background”. I have never thought of myself as a "city girl" and yet I've only lived in cities- is it going to be strange for me to live in a small town? Yet I am confident I know what I like about cities and that I can translate those components into my life elsewhere.

Trying ginger beers at the country's fourth oldest brewery

Also, as I unpacked my toiletries for my two-night stay, I thought to myself maybe I'm not so low-maintenance. As much as I wish I were a rugged ("crunchy") outdoors-loving cool girl who can rough it up in the woods, I am not. 

Some other facts I've learned this weekend: I am a bit of a speed demon, ahem, I'll leave it at that... I also love grocery shopping (First stop of any vacation: the local grocery store!). I took full advantage of having a car and dropped by ~*WEGMANS*~ on my way home. Being able to buy tons of groceries and effortlessly wheel it into the trunk is such a wonderful luxury I missed from Houston. 

I also love house shopping. I asked every applicant about their living situation, the size of their backyard, the architecture style of their houses, porches and roofs, all those wonderful details that get me going. Oh, and the lush wallpaper at the brewery- I was in heaven. 

As a solo driver, this is the one photo I was able to snap in slow traffic.

I passed the mannequin portion of my licensing exam! Just got the email. Now I'm going to slather on some Egyptian Magic and go to sleep. Celebration in all forms, and for me, it's the cozy warm bed.

What interview question really made you stop and think?