Sunday, December 6, 2015

Post orthodontics match day.

December. Here we are.

The beautiful Rittenhouse Square

I’ve been sick since Thanksgiving and slowly turning into a sloth. Last weekend I woke up at 2PM and took a nap three hours later. Then I was worried I'd be seriously sick for my interviews and worrying myself sick... it's a bad cycle.

December 3rd came and went! For those of you not around a dental student, it's the MATCH DAY for Orthodontic residencies. Having close future orthodontist friends, I spent weeks leading up to December 3rd talking about nothing but match day: what to do if don't match, how to rank the programs, should I have sent a thank you card sooner? In the end, happy news for many people.

Seeing my friends who matched for orthodontic residencies last week brought up a lot of feelings. I was happy for my friends first and foremost, but I felt a lot of other emotions as well. I felt nervous for my own match day (January 25th!) and envious of those who had landed yet another certain stepping stone. I was also amazed that these people knew precisely what they wanted and made it happen. I still feel very young at 26 and anytime someone my age shows immense self-knowledge or self-awareness, I'm in awe.

And the questions I have about my own future: where to work? (anyone hiring in May 2017?) Should I have applied to more residencies? Maybe I should have done my externship elsewhere...

Throw in this emotion soup mix, that Adele album, and that stubborn sickness and you got yourself a sniffly Yesle. Here's to dreaming the impossible and being grateful for what I have today.