Monday, January 11, 2016

Developing our secret dentist language

Past few weeks in highlight reel:

December highlights
-denture parade! Dentures involve a lot of lab work and all those hours finally paid off in December. 
-getting pies and cookies from my patients
-visiting Korea and getting LASIK 
-first crossfit competition (as a spectator)

January highlights
-getting a pet fish
-having sleepless nights due to jet lag and boards nerves (I'll write more about this soon!)
-finally buying that Dagne Dover I had my eyes on

It's 2016 which is a very special year for me, as you all know. Yesle Kim, D'16! Did I ever think I was going to make it this far? That this year (which has February 29th, BTW) was every going to come? And yet. 

Last week, while having a conversation with my faculty, I smiled realizing how incredibly dental-specific our chat was. We were using a bunch of dental terminology and jargon. Here are some pictures to accompany our conversation:

And if you're a dental student or a dentist, you'll recognize what we're doing here. We're talking crown preparations and post/cores. It was such a moment of aha! about a concept that should have been obvious to me: when cutting a tooth, think about how much tooth structure remains. This is especially true for teeth that have been RCT'd, where access for endodontic therapy has compromised the remaining tooth structure. 

There’s two parts we learn in dentistry: deciding how to choose a treatment (brain) and delivering that treatment (hands). Sometimes I get so zoomed in on the latter that I forget to think critically about what I’m doing...

.... and all else fades away

And as incredible as speaking in our secret code is, I also think about how important explaining concepts to patients is. I examined my parents while home and they both have toothbrush abrasion lesions. It's a deadly combination of too-enthusiastic brushing and generalized recession. 


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