Thursday, March 10, 2016

being positive/ dentist as my identity

I passed my boards everyone!!!! My assistant Valerie and I had almost one hundred cats between us: her socks, my shoes, our bags... I knew when I saw those meow-ey faces that it was going to be a good day.

I had a profound experience last week. A patient asked me about his fillings: "Are they gonna be tooth colored? Because I don't want it to be obvious in my mouth." I explained that some would have to be amalgam. He immediately changed gears and said, "In that case, that'll be like bling bling, I'm gonna like that." He completely switched gears to be HAPPY with the situation, radiating positivity.

My small but incredible achievement: I fit my entire down jacket into my Dagne Dover. It snowed one morning and my locker was already full-- I was so excited about this small achievement & showed it off to everyone in my perio rotation.

I have been thinking about my identity as a dentist. Or rather-- how much of being a dentist permeates into my identity. Much of my key characteristics fit into the typical dentist image: being neat, academic, compassionate-- and yet. There's more to me than my job. I want to keep running, do my pottery, see beautiful buildings... I've seen people who work INSANE hours i.e. my brother who was coming back at 2AM and leaving back at 6AM. And I mention my brother because his job is gonna keep him from attending my graduation- the one and only remaining graduation of my life (ahem)- but we get it.