Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Defining Decade

It is Wednesday morning, which means…. 7:50AM huddle? Denture day? No, just another miercoles in my world. Every day is a day of leisure in my current life. Graduated, officially licensed to drill, and DEA-certified. Insured and double insured (T Swift’s legs? Jo’s butt? My hands). Finding stray cats, crashing parties, and eating magazine cover pastries.

After first semester of clinic, in front of my bursting locker

My mornings begin with my new favorite contraption, the lemon squeezer. Despite my general mistrust of such specific kitchen appliances, this has changed my life. All my paperwork got processed quickly, so I’m starting work before June ends.

This is my last regular post. Archiving this blog is a practical decision as much as a deliberate one. As I begin seeing patients in a private office, writing about my experience will be tricky. And I keep thinking about this quote: unexamined life may not be one worth living, but an unlived life is not worth examining. The line blurs between good life and good blog-worthy life when I’m counting the days since my last post.

I leave you with some things on my mind:
- Read Meg Jay’s “The Defining Decade” which is a rebuttal to the phrase “thirty is the new twenty”. If we consider our twenties a time to explore and try out different roles, Dr. Jay asks “consider what part you’re rehearsing to play”.
- After graduation has come and gone, what I should have put on my wishlist if anyone had $400 to spare on a toothbrush/camera.
Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss. I admire her eloquence in speaking her company and meaning of beauty. Start here and be like me and spent hours watching her on Youtube and reading all about what she ate that one week.

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